“We fell in love with his compelling mix of visuals and odd characters. Shortly after our first contact, it became clear that we also shared a passion for space, astrophysics and, stories about evil red mutant blobs. What better platform for a Kollaboration could you find?”

Staffan Widell, Ass Savers’ co-founder

The Enisaurus Kollection features three custom designed ASS SAVER Big and a bonus bandana with matching artwork. You can buy them separately or in a very limited Kollectors Box which includes extra goodies. Find out more about the Kollaboration between Enisaurus and how he works in an extensive interview here.

About Kollections
We've always seen our products as a canvas on which we can build exciting collaborations. The Kollection Series is a space for deeper explorations with designers and artists that we admire. It doesn't have a target group and it doesn't aim to please anyone's eyes except our own. We just hope that you share our stoke for great stuff.