The perfect match for your comfy Brooks leather saddle.

  • Specifically designed for "Old Style" Brooks leather saddles
  • Protects the leather from wet spray
  • Two sizes gives perfect fit
  • Can be stored under the saddle when not used
  • Made in Sweden

Meet BrookShield, the mudguard of your wet dreams. With a superb fit and extended reach, it sits perfectly on your BROOKS saddle.

Not only does it save your ass from the wet stripe, it also function as a protector of the leather saddle which otherwise can easily be destroyed by the notorious road spray from your back wheel.

Although developed especially for BROOKS saddles, it also provides a good fit for other similar "old style" leather saddles such as IDEALE, BLB Mosquito to name a few. Choose your BROOKS model from the the drop list above. Does not fit coil spring saddles.

For Brooks Cambium models, please use ASS SAVER Regular or Big.

Material: 0,8 mm PP (polypropylene), 100% recyclable
Weight: 18 grams (Narrow), 20 grams (Wide)
Measures: 329 x 166 mm (Narrow), 333 x 179 mm (Wide)

Made in Sweden

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Easy fit

It fits nice and neatly under the saddle and is very secure, I can't see it coming off whilst road cycling. It is not as long as the third picture, it sticks out approx 6 inches. It keeps the majority of muck off. I have found some muck high up my back. It could do with being a little longer maybe another 2 inches.

gabriel eksteen
looking good

Arrived surprisingly quicky in Cape Town, South Africa. Nicely tucked in under my brooks saddle waiting for the first wet roads of the coming winter. Can't say much on saving my ass just yet...

John H Owen
Sweet! It saves my seats. Both of them.

Great for keeping spray off me and my Brooks B17 saddle. I can store it under the seat or being as it is flat in one of my bags or just a jersey pocket.

Nenad Andjelic

Highly recommended for Brooks owners, it will protect your ass and your saddle.

As far as Brooks B17 and Team Pro are concerned, you will be able to fold and store the saver under your saddle without too much fuss.

Works for the rain...not for the [Brooks] Swift

I was sold by the fact that it could be stored under the saddle, but as soon as I tried to fit the ass saver under my Brooks Swift saddle I soon realized that the rain guard was too large and sticks out beyond the seat- causing friction with my cycling shorts. As far as the its rain-wicking is concerned, this is a good concept, but its ability to hide under your brooks saddle massively over-hyped if you are riding a Swift....it is not possible to store as shown in the video.