Ass Saver Wide

If you have ever ridden a bike without mudguards in the wet, you know the problem.
  • Mountain bikers, rejoice. Due to an extremely high number of requests for a mountain bike specific model, we’re launching the super fat Ass Saver made for keeping cracks mud free (well, as mud free as you can get while shredding some single track...).

    The new Ass Saver Wide (ASW-1) utilizes the same patent pending attachment system as the Ass Saver Original and Ass Saver Extended. That means it snaps into place on the saddle’s front rails in seconds and requires no tools. It also fits almost all saddles with standard rails, including carbon rails.

    International Patent Pending no: PCT/EP2014/051198
    View Patent Application
  • Material: 100% recyclable polypropylene
    Weight: 25 grams
    Measures: 370 x 125 mm
    Made in Sweden

    International Patent Pending no: PCT/EP2014/051198

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4.6 out of 5, based on 8 reviews
Gordon from Chicago, Il on Nov 28, 2016
Ass Saver absolutely rules! I'm very very happy I found your product. Fast delivery, simple instructions, clever design, couldn't be happier. I went with the 'Wide' and I feel like that was the right call. The Swedes do it again!
Francesc from Barcelona on Dec 04, 2015
I bought different ass Savers and without any doubt the Wide one is the one which works better. I am ridding a MTB and I like it because it is lightweight, durable, resistant and the most important thing it saves my ass.

Next product could be a "face Saver"
Response from Ass Savers
Dec 04, 2015
It could be, who knows...
dave from ireland on Mar 14, 2015
go for the wide one... excellent product....get some double sticky back velcro ...keeps it in place ...perfect
Maarten from Eindhoven, the Netherlands on Feb 05, 2015
Loving it! Another great piece of Swedish design.

I use the standard model on my mountainbike, next time I will order the wide version.
Andy from Warwick, UK on Dec 03, 2014
Yes. It does the job superbly. Dry shorts even in heavy rain.

It took me a while to fit it and even now its not a neat as the promotional video. It does stay in place and does the job but it does 'unclick' from the seat rails if you touch the Ass Saver in moving the bike.
I think my issue maybe that my seatpost is quite 'tall' and fills the underside of the seat which makes threading the Ass Saver through a bit difficult AND I have my seat all the way back on the seat rails too. I'm using an Easton carbon seatpost and Fizik Gobi saddle

I can see on my other bikes with Thomson seatpost and Fizik saddle it'll be easier.

Would I buy again? Yes, absolutely, but might go with the regular Ass Saver next time (not MTB) just to see how effective the smaller version is
keith from ireland on Nov 13, 2014
bought the ass saver wide for commuting on my road bike reduce the spray as much as possible i say and for that it does it job superbly but to get it to stay in place with my racing saddle i had to take off the saddle bag as it kept popping it off. that aside it keeps me dry
Dee from Australia on Nov 04, 2014
Love the concept and the great design. Fitted to my "Big Ripper" no problem and has saved my ass a few times already. No more brown skid marks for me, thanks Ass Savers :)
Louis from France on Oct 29, 2014
So far so good, it fits on my saddle and looks the part. I ordered the ass saver during a week of heavy rain and it hasn't rained since I received it, I hope it holds up to its reputation and saves my ass next time I have to commute and it is raining cats and dogs outside.