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We are five designers based out of Gothenburg, arguably the wettest city in all of Sweden. We also have unimaginably tiny satellite offices in Barcelona and San Francisco.

Sadly or gladly, none of us has matured past the point of twelve year old boys when we saw the world brought to life as we frenetically propelled ourselves as fast as we could down the streets.

It’s out of these memories of this pedal-powered love that we create products to celebrate and encourage the joy of biking. It is also our belief that we have an obligation to design responsibly to protect the environment as much as we can. That's why you won’t find nasty materials or unnecessary packaging on any Ass Savers product.

We were definitely not the first to have the idea of attaching something to the saddle to protect ourselves from the worst road spray. The concept is as old as rain and bikes without mudguards but where others have failed, we succeeded through the relentless development of literally hundreds of prototypes, a deep knowledge of sustainable manufacturing and passion for brands that resonates with it's followers.


"What was first viewed as a short living novelty gimmick, proved itself in use on thousands of bicycles around the world."
Voted Product of the year 2012 by 13.000 voters at Bikeminimalism.com
Finalists at ISPO BRANDNEW Award 2014
We are very proud to announce that we are chosen to be a finalist in the prestigious ISPO BRAND NEW Award 2014. This is the worlds largest sports trade show in Munich, Germany and our competitors come from all kinds of sport disciplines. How did that happen? If you happen to be in Munich 26-29th of January you should come by our booth!

User Comments

"For a ride which doesn't have mudguards, it's like a gift from the gods."
Jukka from Finland
"A fellow rider was so impressed he wanted to buy mine from me."
Bret from USA
"IT WORKS!!! I can't stop telling people about it."
Sean from Canada
"As a cost effective, easy to use, occasional mudguard, that looks pretty cool too, there's nothing better on the market..."
Dan from England
"Not a perfect product but very close, light weight, packs well and looks good."
Andrew from Wales


"It could be the best investment you make for your bike this year!"
Review at PEZ Cycling News
"Its simplicity of fitting, sleek design and low weight makes it a practical solution"
Review at road.cc
"..my bum, and most importantly my undercrackers, were as dry as the day they left the factory. Product worked as advertised, cool!"
Review at cyclingauckland.co.nz
"My ass has never been so dry with so little effort!"
Review at thefootdown.co.uk


Polypropylene (or PP) is one of the good guys in plastics with properties that allow true recycling with almost no loss in material quality. The absence of harmful chemicals in PP is a blessing compared to many similar materials. PP is also a widely used packaging material and is highly suited for existing recycling systems around the world.

The Ass Savers mudguards are designed from a single piece of PP to make it a breeze to recycle. When you finally have worn out your mudguard, just drop it into your normal plastic recycling container and become a part of the closed loop solution!

You won’t find any unnecessary packaging on our mudguards in your local bike shop. We believe good products sell themselves and that you as a customer don’t want to pay for something that immediately goes in to the trash anyways. Our mudguards weigh only 15 grams. That probably makes them the lightest rear mudguard in the world. It also means we use less than 10% of the material needed to produce your average plastic beavertail fender. That feels good in our hearts. Needless to say, we are not perfect. Only about 65% of our production are made from recycled PP. To be able to offer you the world of colors, we need to purchase virgin material. We are however working hard to source recycled PP in different colors and our goal is to be 100% in the recycling loop.


Our mudguards are all made in the Swedish town of Borås in a very modern, 14001 ISO-certified and eco award winning facility. To have the production less than an hours drive away from the office means a lot to us. We can assure you that all the production waste is taken care of in the most responsible way and that the workers can make our products in a safe workplace while getting a decent salary for their efforts. Our raw material comes from France and Spain and is shipped with road transport directly to the factory. We want you to know that we work very hard to ensure the best possible procedure in every step of the way to finished product. Being a small producer makes it difficult to influence other companies but as we grow we will continue to push these matters even harder.