Ass Saver Original


The lightweight, easy to install, minimalist saddle mudguard
  • Key features:
    -Keeps your butt dry on wet roads

    -Easy to mount, no tools required 
    -Fits every standard rail saddle
    -Super lightweight, only 15 grams
    -Folds to hide under the saddle
    -Patent pending, made in Sweden 

    The Ass Saver Original is our third generation foldable saddle mudguard. Proven and tested in the field, it's a simple solution to the annoying brown stripe down the back of your pants.

    The ASO-3 is compatible with all standard rail saddles thanks to our patent pending attachment system. The ASO-3 is a breeze to mount and once in place, it stays in place. When not in use, it can be folded up and stored underneath your seat. The unique attachment system also ensures a more durable product that is less sensitive to wear and tear.

    So whether you're urban shredding, winter training or just prefer to keep your behind unsoiled, the Ass Saver Original is your new best friend!

    International Patent Pending no: PCT/EP2014/051198
    View Patent Application
  • Material: 100% recyclable polypropylene
    Weight: 15 grams
    Measures: 340 x 100 mm
    Made in Sweden

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4.4 out of 5, based on 97 reviews
Ibrahim Khan from London, UK on Oct 30, 2016
I bought this, and followed the instructions as to fixing it, but it fell off on the very first ride. Literally about £8 down the drain. :(
Response from Ass Savers
Nov 16, 2016
Hi Ibrahim,
Sad to hear that you lost your new Ass Saver! Please get in touch at so we can figure out why you had problems and send you a replacement.
Steve from North Yorkshire, UK on Oct 20, 2016
I have bought three rear-fit (as it were) of these for my MTB, and front-and-rear for my partner. With a Specialized saddle, it took quite some time to get the Ass-Saver Wide in place, and on oneride it hopped off. Staffan was brilliant in advising how to get round the problem, though for this one I opted to use cable ties - like with the Mudder anyway - to provide extra security. They're very light, and do a great job or avoiding the worst of the mud-streaks up your back. And customer service is absolutely impeccable. Recommended (just take care with the fitmen t and follow the instructions)...
Robbie Megannety from Auckland, New Zealand on Sep 16, 2016
I bought three of these to save on shipping. Fitted easily and saved my ass many times!

Also gave one to a friend, he had the same experience.

Easily fits; City bike, racer, mountain bike

Robbie Megannety
Mark from Portland, OR on Aug 08, 2016
Light and easy to store under my Cannondale MTB seat. It seems like a great idea. However, doesn't work at all. I was excited to use it in the first rain since getting it, but was quickly disappointed. I used on the highway with no wind. My ASS is soaked and dirty. I really wish it worked. I don't want a full fender bolted to my bike.
Response from Ass Savers
Aug 09, 2016
Hi Mark,
I'm sorry to hear that you are disappointed with our products. Please send an email to our customer service at and we will help you figure out what the problem is or give you a full refund.
Jens Kling from Denmark on Jun 21, 2016
I just got my Ass Saver Original for my road bike (Boardman, no unusual saddle ). I specifically went for the Original to be folded under the saddle. So, it fits to my saddle, pretty tight, but that’s not bad, but I cannot fold it! It doesn’t fit under the saddle.
This is very unfortunate, because otherwise I would have gone for the Fendor Bendor Slim or the Ass Saver Extended, to keep it at home until it rains…
Any suggestions?
Response from Ass Savers
Jun 21, 2016
Hi Jens,
Sorry to hear that you can't fit the Ass Saver to your saddle. Could you please email some photos (sideview) from your saddle with Ass Saver so we can try and figure out how to ASSist you?
Mantas from Vilnius, Lithuania on May 23, 2016
Oh boy, I had trouble fitting this to my bike. It took me like 20minutes (it`s still faster than mounting fenders, but I expected a faster procedure). The problem was long bolts, that hold my saddle to a seatpost, the prefolded front end of ass-saver kept hitting the bolts when I tried to thread the ass-saver between the rails. Anyway, ass-saver mounted and holds there rock solid. After all, I`m glad that its like that, because I was afraid it will fall off during aggressive MTB ride through roots or other gnarly stuff.
andrew erving from UK on May 10, 2016
Hi, bought an AS Original at my local Evans. They said I would have no trouble fitting it to a saddle with a little bag attached to the rails. They were wrong! I had to detach the bag brackets, fit the AS and reattach. I certainly can't easily fit and remove the AS and I'm wondering how effective it will be. I can't be the first person to have this problem? Was I sold a pup?
Response from Ass Savers
May 10, 2016
Hi Andrew,
The fitting of an Ass Saver and a saddle bag is in most cases no problem. However, due to the thousands of combinations of saddle and saddle bags and their various attachment systems, it's not possible to say that it will always fit. This is why don't make this claim officially in spite of many happy users with a working combo. If you feel that your local Evans gave you misleading information, you should talk to them and ask for a refund of your purchase.
Juan E. López S. from Bogotá, Colombia. on Apr 04, 2016
Worked great on my first commute, but on my way back from work(Less than 5 mile ride) it fell off, leaving my bum wet. Kind of disappointed, and more when you pay the extra $10 for the RHC edition...

a refund would be cool. or another would be best.
Response from Ass Savers
Apr 05, 2016
Hi Juan,
I'm sorry to hear that you lost your Ass Saver. The most common issue when they are lost is either that pre-folding was not done properly or that your saddle/seat post combination prevents the Ass Saver from engaging correctly. Either way we will replace your lost Ass Saver and try to find out why this happened. Please send an email to
Warren Friend from Oshawa, Canada on Feb 04, 2016
I've got the original on my CX bike and the wide on MTN bike and both do a great job of keeping the crap off my butt. My chamois doesn't feel like a loaded diaper after 10kms and I can confidently walk into the local coffee shop without worry that they'll need to hose off their chair when I leave. A clip on plastic fender will do a better job of keeping you dry most times but for off road rides these stay in place much better and they don't bang around while running obstacles with your bike on your shoulder. I'm in the process of bulk ordering a custom designed Ass Saver for my club.
Victor from Chicago, IL on Jan 05, 2016
I've had a bad experience such "keep your butt dry on wet roads". Is this a newer model where it has been enhanced ? or I may have an older model where water would by pass the fender .
Response from Ass Savers
Jan 05, 2016
Hi Victor,
The Ass Saver Original is our third generation of saddle mudguards and although it is not longer than the first generations, improvements have been made to ensure a proper fit on the saddle which is important for full butt protection. For those wanting a little bit of extra cover we've developed the Ass Saver Extended and the Ass Savers Wide. Please send us an email with a picture of your setup and we will try to do our best to save your ass!
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