Ass Saver Extended

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If you have ever ridden a bike without mudguards in the wet, you know the problem.
  • Road cyclists, the pro peloton (Lotto-Belisol, Belkin), continental teams, and development teams have all adopted and used Ass Savers in recent years for training and racing. The Ass Saver Extended (ASE-1) has been designed specifically for the needs of roadies and adds 30mm (1.2 in) of length over the Ass Saver Original in order to reduce more road spray, especially at high speeds. The new Ass Saver Extended utilizes the same patent pending attachment system as the Ass Saver Original and Ass Saver Wide. That means it snaps into place on the saddle’s front rails in seconds and requires no tools. It also fits almost all saddles with standard rails, including carbon rails. Note: Ass Saver Extended does not fold to store under the saddle.

    International Patent Pending no: PCT/EP2014/051198
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  • Material: 100% recyclable polypropylene
    Weight: 18 grams
    Measures: 370 x 110 mm
    Made in Sweden

    International Patent Pending no: PCT/EP2014/051198

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4.6 out of 5, based on 28 reviews
Vale from Svizzera on Aug 12, 2015
Ho acquistato di venerdì la versione "Roots" e la "Saved", che sono appunto due versioni artistiche della "Extended".
Lunedì apro la cassetta della posta e con mia grande meraviglia avevo già ricevuto i due parafanghi!
Non ho avuto ancora modo di testarli perché li ho acquistati unicamente per le granfondo nelle quali ci possa essere il rischio di pioggia durante la gara...
Wolfgang VEIT from Heideck, Germany on Jul 20, 2015
I had already a good experience with the standard ASS-Savers. But for riding my bike AFTER heavy rainshowers I bought three of the extended version. Well, nothing can protect you completely from the mud raised by spinning cycle wheels. But nothing protected me better on my race bike than the extended ASS-Savers. Just very few tiny little spots on my back. And this for just a few grams more... Two of my cycling buddies will be happy in the near future, too. Thanks, ASS-Savers.
Steve Ormerod from Douglas, Isle of Man on Jun 10, 2015
First part - great customer service. I wrongly managed to pick Uzbekistan, rather than United Kingdom due to Paypal issues. A quick email once I realized and this was corrected. Phew.

second; the guard its self; I ordered the translucent version, but found it doesn't agree with my Fizik Pave saddle. As it replace another standard white Ass Saver I can only assume it's just the difference in material making it less flexible than the standard plastic. It's now been moved to my wife's road bike with no issues....
Francesco from Paris on May 17, 2015
Prodotto leggero e resistente. Fa abbastanza bene il suo lavoro e non intacca l'estetica della bici. Si può stringere saldamente sotto la sella. Visto il costo contenuto non è necessario smontarlo per le lunghe soste all'aperto. Spedizione internazionale veloce.
Aaron Edge from Portland, Oregon, Northwest United States on Jan 05, 2015
Best product.
Matias Coombs from Abergavenny, Wales on Dec 30, 2014
Excellent product, very red mud in my area & Ass Saver keeps my shorts free of staining.
Luca from Milan, Lombardy, Italy on Dec 15, 2014
First ride with the ass-saver : it was something like the Paris-Roubaix for the mud spread on the roads but it did it's special dirty job perfectly. My friends had the "black line" all over the back and now they want their own ass-saver for Xmas !!!!
Mauro from italia on Nov 23, 2014
Mathias from Danmark on Nov 20, 2014
Bought 3 extended "ass-savers". One for me, the others as presents. They were accepted with great joy. The "ass-savers" do their work greatly here in (unfortunally) rainy Denmark and are easy to install. An other excusion for not training in rainy weather has vanished :-) Thx.
Matias K. from Pakaa, Finland on Nov 10, 2014
Easy to install, even with a saddlebag on.
Works well. Worth the price.
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