Win Wing 2 Gravel Black Dot


The new gravel fender standard!

  • Full backside rider protection from the knee and up
  • Reinforced patent pending wishbone technology
  • Attaches in seconds to every bike, requires no tools
  • Including frame protection stickers
  • Suitable for tire widths up to 60 mm

Win Wing 2 is here! Stronger, gentler and darker, the fastest clip-on gravel mudguard on the market just got even better! The Black Dot design is the understated, yet refined version of the popular rear fender.

The Win Wing 2 Gravel fits practically any gravel bike, protecting the rider in even the worst conditions. No matter the terrain, on-road or off, the Win Wing won't rattle or jam, and with only 72g, you won't even notice it's there.

Not dark enough for you? Check out the brand new Win Wing 2 - STEALTH EDITION!

Technical data
Measures: 375 x 85 mm
Weight: 72 g
Material: Blade - 0.9 mm PP (Polypropylene),Wishbone holder - glassfiber reinforced PA (Polyamid or Nylon) and Strap - TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).

Tangential Coverage  
The key to understanding how the Win Wing works lies in physics: water and mud leave the wheel in a straight line from the tangential point of release. By shielding only the upper rear quarter of the wheel, the Win Wing eliminates spray from reaching the critical areas of the rider with a minimum of material.

Mount right, mount tight 
For the Tangential Coverage to work properly, the mudguard needs to be installed very close to the wheel. Aim for 5-10 mm tire clearance for maximum coverage. 

The right angle
Just as important as a tight fit is the angle of the blade. There are three different settings to compensate for the angle of your seat stays. Choose the one that allow a horizontal or a tail-up position. Avoid a tail-down angle as this will reduce  the efficiency of the fender.

Strap it hard
The straps are made from ultra-tough TPU and should be pulled as tight as you can comfortably do by hand. If you experience that the mudguard is not stable, try to use the next hole in the strap.

Protect what you love
We have made the Win Wing as kind to your bike as possible with soft rubber feet that gently hugs your frame. However, anything that is strapped to your bike for a longer period of time will leave marks. If you are very keen on maintaining that new bike look, please remember to install protective tape where your Win Wing is attached.

As sturdy as it is, the design of the Win-wing allows it to flex in case of an accident and it's constructed to not jam in case of large chunks of nature get stuck to your wheel.

If you like to keep it attached to your bike permanently, the Win-Wing can be secured to your bike with a standard zip tie, through a designated slot, making it easier to resist for people with sticky fingers.

Thanks to it's sophisticated simplicity and careful choice of materials, the Win-Wing is virtually indestructible. With only four components (competitors use as much as 40 components) it's not that much that can go wrong. The glassfiber reinforced wishbone holder is both flexible and tough and the rubber straps are virtually indestructible.

The secret to transforming a flat piece of plastic into a functioning mudguard lies in the pre-folding prior to use. All the scoring lines have been carefully engineered to achieve locking mechanisms, self centering abilities, spring loading and material endurance. Please take the time to properly read the instructions/see the instruction video to ensure the best performance.

The black blade is made from 80% recycled PP and the Win Wing has been designed for efficient shipping and easy recycling. Each component can be purchased separately, making repairing and upgrading convenient. The Win-Wing is 100% Made in Sweden in ISO 14001 certified factories.


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Simply superb, save for the protective tape

I've been riding these in a lot of rainy conditions on a gravel bike and I must say these Ass Savers live up to their name.
It's light, easy to initially set up, quick to attach and detach, looks sleek and simply does keep my backside decent.
Unfortunatly I found the protective tape to be of poor quality. Even though I took special care to clean the area where I put them, after ony two weeks the edges came loose. When taking the Win Wings off, the protective tape seperated from the adhesive layer and that was the end of that. I had to use a protective frame tape to substitute it, whic I luckily had at hand.

I would still buy them again, but opt for a decent protective tape.

Israel Valencia Flores
Nothing has arrived since 20th of June

Nothing has arrived since 20th of June.

Please answer my emails

Hi Israel, sorry to hear that your order hasn't arrived and that we have missed your email. Customer support will contact you to sort it out! / Petter

Ralph Rackstraw
Top product!

What can I say....it is well made, beautifully simple, stable when on the bike riding rough gravel trails, great looking, easy to take on-off the bike. It is simply bloody great, I'm buying another one for the tandem.

Iain Stephenson
Bring on the slop

Dry happy bum and back.


love it. very light and easy to mount.