Fendor Bendor Big Detour


The ultimate lightweight gravel mudguard

  • Easy to fit, no tools required 
  • Perfect for Bikepacking or Gravel
  • Super lightweight, only 61 grams
  • Protects your bags from dirt and water
  • Designed by Jesper Jonsson

FENDOR BENDOR Big is ideal for bikepacking and gravel biking. Strong enough to handle really muddy conditions but flexible enough to not break while being bashed around. The width is optimized for tire sizes commonly used by gravel cyclists. Mounted close to the rear tire it will protect your saddle bag as well as the rider from road muck and water. It attaches to virtually any bike in seconds, without the use of tools.

The Detour Kollection is a tribute to those who finds a roadblock as the mark of something great ahead, rather than a dead end.

Most bikepacking gear is not 100% waterproof and a good set of fenders can save you from the misery of having a wet sleeping bag or clothes at the end of the day. Even if your gear is fully waterproof, you will appreciate the lack of mud on your bags when you stop to get a jacket out or when you bring them into the tent after a rough day in the saddle. The full kit adds less than 85 grams to your total weight, making it ideal for ultralight bikepacking.

Visually the Detour Kollection is inspired by the mind-blowing scenery of the Torino-Nice Rally, a 700 km selfsustained gravel event in the French-Italian alps. During the 2018 edition, designer Jesper Jonsson and Ass Savers founder Staffan Widell shared a bivouac on the last night of the event, overlooking a spectacular sunset over the last mountain range before the finish in Nice.

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Technical data
Measures: 555x80 mm (effective)
Weight: 61 g
Material: 1 mm PP (Polypropylene)

The Fendor Bendor fits all frames with standard seat stays. It's self supportive and doesn't require support from the brake bridge or the seat stays. It can also be mounted directly on a seat post (as low as possible for best effect). The Fendor Bendor will not fit if you have monostay frame or center pull brake.

The scoring lines along the fender need to be folded hard in order to give the it the necessary rigidity and strength. Take extra care to fold down the outer edges to make sure your Fendor Bendor is functioning properly.

Frame protection
Each Fendor Bendor is delivered with a small set of transparent 3M polyurethane protection stickers. Use these to protect your seat stays from scratches from the fender.

The Fendor Bendor Big can be folded in half for easy storage in a backpack or strapped on your bikepacking gear.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
It does what it claims and it does that well

I have mixed opinion - the ass savers themselves do exactly what you want - they save my ass from getting wet when out on the road - so that is great - full marks - what I am a little disappointed on is the colours I got - two black and one red - when I selected the custom surprise I was hoping I would get more dramatic colours or something surprising - thanks g

Did not fit my gravel...

If you want to have a unique ass saver, buy this one! Some hand craft is needed, but the result is a unique item that fits great you your bike. Other riders are asking me where I bought it as they have never seen my personal design!

Montage is easy.

Quite impressive

Knowing Ass-savers (since they started I guess), this is an essential "add-on" when you're biking in Belgium. At least, if you want a dry ass. Having several of them for my different bikes : road/gravel/mtb. Will continue to purchase them where needed.

Excellent ass saving kit :)

Saved my ass when I found out how to use it.. Small, light and stops inconvenient dirt and spray covering your backside!

One thing it didn't save my ass from was my wife pegging me, apparently that's not it's intended use.

soft plastic fender tears easily

I ordered this package for me and my flatmates and we recieved the perfect combination of colors: two black Ass-Savers for them and a purple one for my purple sparkling racer. As if the team could have known. Thanks a lot!

Hi Jason! Have you tried to contact us through any channel? We cannot find any correspondence from you in our systems. Our 'happy guarantee' most definitely extends to the US. I have asked Customer Service to contact you! /Petter