Compatible with tight tire clearance and saddle bags

The Win Wing fits on bikes other mudguards won’t. Its unique design means you can run it on frames that are too tight for ordinary fenders and with all types (and sizes) of saddle bags. It also packs away small, making it easy to store when the sun shines. A new feature with the Win Wing 2 is the included transparent frame protection stickers, making sure your paint stay pristine even when you are roughing it.

Ass Savers Win Wing 2 Frame Protection Sticker Ass Savers Win Wing 2 Tire Clearance Ass Savers Win Wing 2 Angle Adjustment Pin Ass Savers Win Wing 2 Pre-Fold Technique

Made in Sweden, kind to the environment.

The Win Wing is designed and made in Sweden from recycled materials where possible. The blade is made from recycled polypropylene which can be recycled again. The wishbone is made from nylon and the straps are thermoplastic polyurethane. All Win Wing parts can be bought and replaced separately and packaging is kept to the bare essentials. These efforts combined, substantially reduce the ecological footprint from production to end user.

How to install your Win Wing

Installation of your Win Wing is quick and simple. Follow these video instructions to set up your Win Wing for optimal performance.