Mudder Regular


The best solution for a muck-free face when the trail gets dirty. Attaches to your front suspension fork with zipties.

  • Deflectors increase efficiency
  • Easy to mount with included zipties 
  • Fits all suspension forks with a fork bridge
  • Super lightweight, only 18 grams
  • Suitable for all wheel sizes

The purpose of the MUDDER Regular is to keep your eyes muck-free as you go full speed down that dirtbag of a trail that you love so much. Chances are, that thanks to MUDDER, you’re also not having flying mud for lunch.

In true Ass Savers spirit, we’ve taken the minimalist approach with some added clever thinking. The result is a fork mounted front mudguard with an unobtrusive design and unsurpassed efficiency when it comes to keeping your face free from dirt. The design features innovative tire-hugging deflectors that can be adjusted so virtually no mud will pass.

"No matter what trails you are on, what the weather's like or the bumps you are going over, the Mudder stays exactly where you put it"
-TotalMTB, March 2018

Are you looking for something at the rear? Try an ASS SAVER Big or FENDOR BENDOR Big!

Technical data

Measures: 237x154 mm
Weight: 18 g
Material: 0.8 mm PP (Polypropylene)

The MUDDER will fit all standard front suspension forks with wheel sizes between 26" to 29". If you have a fork with an inverted fork bridge, like DT Swiss or Magura, then it won't fit without modifications.

This mudguard is specifically designed to block dirt from being thrown forward and potentially impair your vision during high speed trail riding. It will not protect you from general spray coming from your front tire.

No-Mud-Shall-Pass flaps
The flaps at the front of the MUDDER is designed to be folded down towards the tire for even better protection. Depending on your tire clearance they may be folded very little or very much.

The secret to transforming a flat piece of plastic into a functioning product lies in the pre-folding prior to use. All the scoring lines have been carefully engineered to achieve locking mechanisms, self centering abilities, spring loading and material endurance. Please take the time to properly read the instructions to ensure the best performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Kay Tepper
Nie wieder was anderes

Schon seit Jahren sind meine Bikes mit AssSavers ausgestattet.
Bester Look und machen was sie sollen

David Rowe
Keeps the crud out of your fork steerer tube!

After putting new tubeless wheels and slightly wider tyres onto my classic 1997 Litespeed 26-er hardtail, I could no longer fit my old mudguard in the minimal space between tyre and fork. My main concern is the mud that gets sprayed vertically into the open fork steerer tube, rather than keeping mud of myself (after all, you're going to get muddy on an MTB ride no matter what).

I already have a mini-Mudder on my fully rigid gravel/adventure bike and it does the trick fine - but a mini-Mudder is too narrow to fit onto a suspension fork. After looking at the fitting video for the Mudder, I took a leap of faith and purchased one for my MTB - and it fits! Yes, it was a very tight squeeze to get it on, but once it is on, there is ample space. I did have to bend the three front flaps back into "neutral" position, because the nubs on my new tyres were rubbing on them, but that's no biggie.

Overall, very pleased!

Alan Lawrence
Easy to fit, very stable

I found the Mudder easy to fit. It stayed totally stable during a muddy ride. It is quite short so only stops a particular trajectory of mud spatters.

Fine, but short

Basically this mudder is designed to protect the front axle rather than the rider.

Tomáš Seifert
Almost perfect! Detour design please...

Great product, fantastic gift for mtb lovers. Love your Detour design, looks perfect on my gravel a it would be great to have it on my new trail bike. Thanks.