Mudder Mini SQUID


Protects your face and headset bearings from grime!

  • In collaboration with SQUID Bikes, California
  • Designed for the non shy  
  • Fits all cross/gravel forks
  • Super lightweight, only 21 grams
  • Suitable for tire widths 32-55 mm

SQUID bikes is not for the discreet and our collab is no exception. This is one of their signature patterns applied to our beloved front gravel mudguard Mudder Mini. Strap it on, roll out, receive praise!

For maximum visual impact, combine it with the rear SQUID Win Wing Gravel

The SQUID Kollection is the lasting effect of the magical but very limited "The 128" collaboration. For more info check out this link.

"This one is a win for sure. ...it seems to outperform every other mini front fender I have tried." Cory Benson, Bikerumor

Technical data

Measures: 90 x170 mm (effective)
Weight: 21 g
Material: 0.8 mm PP (Polypropylene)

The MUDDER Mini will fit all gravel/cx forks with clearance for tire widths between 32 mm up to 55 mm. It will not work on a road fork with narrow clearance or for fat bikes. The correct position is about 10 mm above the tire. Aligning the position to the tire and not the fork crown increases efficiency and is made possible by our custom hook and loop straps. Make sure that the mudguard doesn't touch your down tube when turning the handlebar.

This mudguard is specifically designed to block dirt from being thrown forward and potentially impair your vision during high speed riding and the wellness of your lower headset bearings. It will not protect you from general spray coming from your front tire or your feet and lower legs.

Adjustable anti-slip 2-in-1 hook and loop straps 
The specially designed straps have enough friction to prevent the mudguard from sliding down on a conic fork leg. However, it needs to be tighten firmly to stay up. The open ended design of the strap will allow you to adjust the length and thereby center the position of the ASS SAVERS logo on the fork leg. You can also inverse the strap if you prefer to have a no-logo appearance. 

The secret to transforming a flat piece of plastic into a functioning product lies in the pre-folding prior to use. All the scoring lines have been carefully engineered to achieve locking mechanisms, self centering abilities, spring loading and material endurance. Please take the time to properly read the instructions to ensure the best performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Works great

I mean - it keeps the water off my back / ass. Simple enough.

Easy install.

Hi Nick,
I'm sorry to hear that you have scratched your frame! That's why the Win Wing 2 comes with frame protection stickers that you can apply to your frame to avoid damages. If you don't want to apply the stickers, we recommend to make sure the straps are pulled really tight so the Win Wing can't move around. This will minimize the wear to your bike but realistically, anything that straps to your bike will leave scuff marks at some point (unless you use protection film, of course).

Chris Pierce
works as intended.

I have used the classic Ass Saver, the detour model and this one.
And I can say this one is by far the most versalite model.