Fendor Bendor Regular Bicyclecrumbs


A fully reflective mudguard that will keep you safe in style! Folds up for storage, mounts in a jiffy!

  • Highly reflective print
  • Fits almost all bikes
  • Super lightweight, only 50 grams
  • Longlasting, durable materials
  • Made in Sweden

The Jedi laser sword of mudguards is back! Adapted to the fourth generation of FENDOR BENDORS, it will keep you visible and safe as well as dry as a nut. Mounts on your bike in seconds without tools. Completely foldable, it can easily be stored in a bag or jersey pocket for wet rides on the dark side.

"..will keep you dry and seen, and still mounts to the bike in seconds.." -bikerumors.com

"These aren’t just any old reflective mudguards." -road.cc

"What’s better than a fully reflective Fendor Bendor mudguard from those clever Swedish chaps at Ass Savers? One designed by talented illustrator Bicycle Crumbs, that’s what." -bikeradar.com

"It’s super light, completely foldable and insanely reflective." - lumberjac.com

For more technical info about the FENDOR BENDOR Regular, look here.

For full front and rear protection, team it up with the SPEED MULLET Regular!

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Technical data
Measures: 540x65 mm (effective)
Weight: 50 g
Material: 1 mm PP (Polypropylene)

The Fendor Bendor fits all frames with standard seat stays. It's self supportive and doesn't require support from the brake bridge or the seat stays. It can also be mounted directly on a seat post (as low as possible for best effect). The Fendor Bendor will not fit if you have monostay frame or center pull brake.

The scoring lines along the fender need to be folded hard in order to give the it the necessary rigidity and strength. Take extra care to fold down the outer edges to make sure your Fendor Bendor is functioning properly.

Frame protection
Each Fendor Bendor is delivered with a small set of transparent 3M polyurethane protection stickers. Use these to protect your seat stays from scratches from the fender.

The Fendor Bendor can always be folded back into a small package for storage in a bag or jersey pocket.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dr Delphine Mahieu SPRL
Does not work on an Orbea Orca

I wanted to like the thing really much, but two things made me discard it. (1) The plastic making the contour of the holes rubbed against my inner tight to the point where I had to cut part of it. (2) By lack of support around the wheels, it would end up rubbing my back wheel. Might be due to the geometry of my bike, just a heads up for other owners.

Reverted back to the Win Wing 2.

Good idea but not really working

The idea sounds great, but it's only soft plastic after all. I've used it for 3 months. Can not hold it's shape after several use. Super difficult to bend it into the proper shape. Have to remove it from my bike.

Great mudguard

I have bought and tried loads of different mudguards. My bike does not have eyelets and so even though I’ve fitted full length guards they have never really done the job properly. I saw someone in London with the Fendor Bendor and asked them what it was and bought one myself. It’s great, solves all the problems. Completely dry backside now and easily removed on a dry day. The only issue I’ve encountered it that due the design of my frame it points quite high and my rear light is slightly restricted.

Philip Metcalfe
It bends to the left.

Bends to one side, but i reinforced it from the inside with card. Now it keeps my ass dry.

Top quality.

First of all, the service from this company to their customers is excellent.
Secondly, the product is top quality, it's excellent to have such a strong product that doesn't require tools to apply to my bicycle.
The reflector fender is definitely worth it, looks great, day and night, and it stands out as well as being efficient with keeping my ass from getting soaked :'D.
Thirdly, I won't hesitate to recommend this product.
My bicycle wears it proudly.

Cheers Asssavers.