Win Wing Wishbone


Replacement part

  • Wishbone only
  • Road or Gravel
  • Patent pending
  • Glassfiber reinforced polyamid

Need spare parts or just an extra Wishbone holder? No worries. All components of the Win Wing can be bought separately. 

Please note! The Gravel Wishbone does not work with Road blades and vice versa!

Ships as Wishbone only. Straps and Blade are bought separately!

Video instructions? It's all here!

Technical data
Measures: 230 x 90 mm, 230 x 80 mm
Weight: 35 g
Material: Glassfiber reinforced PA (Polyamid or Nylon)

This is a spare part, used for replacement of broken or lost component. Can only be used in combination with straps and blade. Made in Sweden.



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