ASS SAVER Extended X Rapha Supercross

€8.00 €9.00

Cross is here!

-Keeps your butt dry on wet roads
-Easy to mount, no tools required 
-Super lightweight, only 18 grams
-Extended reach, better protection
-Fits every standard rail saddle
-Patent pending, made in Sweden 

We were once again invited to be a part of the Rapha Supercross in Munich and together we made this limited ASS SAVER Extended featuring the Supercross pattern on a white background.

To see a video of this awesome event, check here!

Please note, this model does not have the new FLIP-TIP technology.

Material: 100% recyclable polypropylene
Weight: 18 grams
Measures: 370 x 110 mm

Made in Sweden

International Patent Pending no: PCT/EP2014/051198

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