FENDOR BENDOR Regular X Cinelli


The classic Cinelli Fendor Bendor will make any bike go 3 mph faster on Italian soil. POWER UP NOW!

  • Foldable full length mudguard
  • Hi-Vis print
  • Easy to mount, no tools required 
  • Perfect for fixed gear, road or cross 
  • Super lightweight, only 60 grams
  • Longlasting, durable materials

Behold, a high visibility FENDOR BENDOR designed by the talented people at Cinelli. Featuring the winged "C" in a popping neon dot pattern. Store it in your bag for bad weather moments and unfold at first rain drops. Show your tail feather, folks!


Technical data
Measures: 626x95 mm
Weight: 61 g
Material: 1.2 mm PP (Polypropylene)

The Fendor Bendor fits all frames with standard seat stays. If you have a caliper brake, you might have to make a small cut-out in the fender to avoid interference with the brake arm. Frames without a brake bridge is also not a problem. Fendor Bendor Regular fits best with brake bridges 4-8 cm wide. This is normally the standard. Fendor Bendor Slim is more suitable for brake bridges 2-6 cm wide. If you have a very small bike or a bike with thick seat stays, or if you just prefer a slimmer look on your bike, this might be a good choice for you. The Fendor Bendor will not fit if you have monostay frame or center pull brake.

The scoring lines along the fender need to be folded hard in order to give the it the necessary rigidity and strength. Take extra care to fold down the outer edge to make sure your Fendor Bendor is functioning properly. Frame protection Each Fendor Bendor is delivered with a small set of transparent protection stickers. Use these to protect your frame from scratches where the fender is in contact with the frame.

The Fendor Bendor can always be folded back into a small package (210x95x10 mm) for storage in a bag or jersey pocket.