Cloud Cap Detour


When you are desperate for shade!

There are days in the saddle when the sun simply has no mercy. For these days we teamed up with Gramm Tourpacking and together we made the Cloud Cap. By combining the classic cycling cap design with a soft satin neck shade we have created a much needed hot weather cycling cap. Nothing more, nothing less and the first one of it's kind. Truly a blessing if you are pedaling under a blazing sun.

Following our mutual development principle -"We need it but can't buy it, let's make it", the Cloud Cap was born out of a need that we have experienced on countless of hot bikepacking trips. Offering all the benefits from the traditional cycling cap combined with the simple addition of a satin neck cloth. Soft and gentle to the skin, it will move with the slightest wind and provide a welcome extra protection from the scorching sun. The design features a light and dreamy cloud print that will look great on anyone who dares to wear it. As a bonus, it's also exceptionally good at camouflaging sweaty salt stains and travel dirt.


The Cloud Cap can also be purchased at https://www.gramm-tourpacking.com/shopnow/detour-cloud-cap

Still hot? Then add the insulated Detour Cloud Bottle for cool liquids en route!

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