Chamois Cream


Rose or Banana scent

When was the last time your butt smelled of roses..?

We have created a magical Rose Chamois Cream that will ensure a smooth ride AND keep your derriere smelling like a rose garden. This cream will add a romantic flair to any group ride.

...or is that a banana in your bibs?

Putting a peeled banana in your bibs for relief was long considered a cycling myth. With our refined recipe we can now bring you the ultimate banana inspired butt comfort with the amazing Banana Chamois Cream.

Both creams are hand crafted by Buckler Skincare from carefully selected natural ingredients to help prevent chafing and keep your butts happy. Among the high quality ingredients are soothing cocoa butter, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory calendula and grapeseed oils, and essential oils.

Very limited quantities so order quickly!