Win Wing 1 Wishbone


Replacement part

  • Wishbone only
  • Road or Gravel
  • Patent pending
  • Glassfiber reinforced polyamid

Need spare parts or just an extra Wishbone holder? No worries. All components of the Win Wing 1 can be bought separately. 

Important info:

  • The Gravel Wishbone does not work with Road blades and vice versa!
  • Straps, blades and frame protection stickers are sold separately!

Video instructions? It's all here!


Technical data
Measures: 230 x 90 mm, 230 x 80 mm
Weight: 35 g
Material: Glassfiber reinforced PA (Polyamid or Nylon)

This is a spare part, used for replacement of broken or lost component. Can only be used in combination with straps and blade. Made in Sweden.



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