Official Red Hook Sponsors!

This is one of Ass Savers finest moments so far and we are super stoked to present our latest collaboration with Red Hook Crit, the event that has changed fixed gear racing forever. 

RHC started out in Brooklyn as an underground birthday race for its founder David Trimble and has now grown into what we believe is the most progressive racing series in the bicycle world. Drawing the finest fixed gear racers from all over the globe, this series is unrivaled when it comes to speed, technical skills and adrenalin flow.It’s a night race with riders flying through the darkness sans brakes on a specially designed criterium track. Tight hairpins and rough surfaces make this race into a challenge beyond nightmares. Finishing without being eliminated by race officials or the track itself is a triumph formost riders. As spectacular as Formula One and with it’s roots and core values coming from the messenger scene, it surely represents a bright future for the art of racing bikes and we feel exceptionally honored to be a part of it.

Ass Savers have sponsored numerous small alleycat races worldwide, run by countless dedicated, hardworking men and women. To be able to step in as a supporting partner for the Red Hook Crit is a major achievement for us but also a natural progression of what we do. It is our ambition to continue to back people like David Trimble and his crew so that we all can enjoy the world of bicycling even more.

Designed in collaboration with RHC’s creative director, Jonah Birns, we can now proudly unveil the Official Red Hook Crit Saver. It’s our most refined Ass Saver to date and features a spectacular 2-color print with stunning graphics. Appearance aside, true beauty comes from the inside and apart from being both 100% recycled and recyclable, half of the price you pay for the RHC Saver goes directly to the future of Red Hook Crit.

See you on race day, /The Ass Savers Team

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