The Saviour of arses is here!

After almost a year of development, over a hundred prototypes, rigid testing and production optimization, the much anticipated Ass Saver for Brooks saddles is finally here. Meet BrookShield, the fender of your wet dreams. With a superb fit and extended reach, it sits perfectly on your precious leather saddle. Not only does it save your ass from the wet stripe, it also function as a protector of the leather saddle, which otherwise can easily be destroyed by the notorious road spray from your back wheel.


The BrookShield is the first Ass Saver developed for a specific saddle type and it enabled the team to tailor make the fender for a perfect fit. Although developed especially for Brooks saddles, it also provides a good fit for other similar "old style" leather saddles such as IDEALE, BLB Mosquito to name a few.

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