Introducing Ass Savers Chamois Cream! Plus, Holiday Discount!

Cover your ass with our Banana & Rose Chamois Creams

The holidays are here and what better way to celebrate than to unveil our latest foray into ass saving - magical chamois cream! Plus, scroll down to get 20% OFF all orders!

The development team at Ass Savers is constantly working hard at turning old truths upside down to bring you innovative products. Together with Buckler Skincare in Tallahassee, Florida, we decided to take ass saving to a whole new level.

Through meticulous sniffing and cheek rubbing, we’ve come up with not only one but two winning chamois cream formulas to keep your machinery lubed up for miles.

Choose between Banana or Rose fragrance. Both creams are hand crafted from carefully selected natural ingredients to help prevent chafing and keep your butts happy. Among the high quality ingredients are soothing cocoa butter, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory calendula and grapeseed oils, and essential oils.

Limited quantities available so order quickly! Order by Monday 14 December to ensure delivery by 24 December.

20% OFF Standard Products!

Get 20% Off Discount our Standard Products, including the Ass Saver Original, Extended and Wide! Use discount code: HOLIDAYTREATS

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