Are you worthy of an Ass Saver Award?

Have you ever saved someone’s ass? Or perhaps you’ve had your ass saved.

Maybe you were out on a long ride and got a mechanical only to have a stranger pull over to assist you, saving you hours of distress. Perhaps you were at kilometer 100 bonking and out of food, only to have a friend promptly hand you a bar. It could be that it was race day, and a teammate sacrificed it all to help you get on the podium.

One way or another, we’ve all had our asses saved while riding our bikes. The cycling community and its cultivated camaraderie is one thing that makes riding bikes so rewarding.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Voxwomen - the women’s cycling video channel - to launch the Ass Saver Award. It’s a way to offer recognition and praise to the unsung heroes of cycling.

The Ass Saver Award - a limited edition Voxwomen Ass Saver - will be awarded at every professional race that Voxwomen attends, kicking off at this past weekend’s Ronse Koerst cyclocross race in Belgium.

Anthony McCrossan, Voxwomen channel founder and UCI Women’s World Cup Commentator, said: “Many people don’t realize that cycling is actually a team sport. Without teammates, support staff, event organizers and even fans, many of the world’s top riders would not be achieve the level of success that they strive for.

“The Ass Savers Award is a fantastic way to celebrate all of those people who wouldn’t usually get recognition for all their hard work.”

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