Raising the Profile of Women’s Cycling with Voxwomen & Iris Slappendel

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Voxwomen is changing the way we see women’s cycling and we’re on board!  The cycling channel has made great strides covering professional women’s cycling, providing exclusive content accessible to all. From in-depth race reports to quirky snippets showing off rider personalities, Voxwomen is bringing more visibility to the sport.

We couldn’t be happier than to partner with Voxwomen and Dutch professional cyclist and standout designer Iris Slappendel to create a custom Voxwomen Ass Saver as we help raise the profile of women’s cycling.

We were thrilled to get Iris on board as the designer of this custom-edition Ass Saver. In addition to being a super strong rider, Iris is well-known for being the talented designer behind the UCI World Cup leaders’ jerseys.

“When Voxwomen and Ass Savers asked me if I would like to be involved in creating a new Ass Saver product, I was very enthusiastic from the start,” she said. “Ass Savers are a really cool product, in fact I already use one myself, so I was delighted to be involved in the creative process.”

To hear more from Iris, click here to watch this exclusive video on her involvement.

Anthony McCrossan, Voxwomen Founder and UCI Women’s World Cup Commentator said: “We hope to see many more fans spreading the word about women’s cycling by getting out on their bike and showcasing their very own limited edition Ass Saver.  The team have also created some fun social media campaigns that will run alongside this launch and we can’t wait for everyone to get involved.”

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Support women’s cycling and get your own Special Edition Voxwomen Ass Saver here. 100% of proceeds go to Voxwomen and Iris.


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