Do Ass Savers Really Work? Geek out on this virtual simulation of Ass Savers in action!

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It just rained, the roads are wet and you pull out your Ass Saver then ride along your merry way without thinking twice. But have you ever wondered how Ass Savers work? You know, like the nitty gritty hydro and aero dynamics that play into protecting your derriere from getting too wet.

Well, ask no longer! We put our Ass Savers to the test by partnering with Lx Sim - engineers specializing in virtual simulation and mechanical design.

Using multi-physics software, the Canadian engineering firm designed a true-to-life virtual analysis combining all air and water dynamics into a single simulation to evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of Ass Savers. To be sure, they analyzed a cyclist moving through water at 30 km/h (about 18.5 mph in old money) with and without an Ass Savers mudguard.

Fortunately for asses everywhere, our research and development of the perfect ass-saving mudguard isn’t all for naught. According to Lx Sim, “Simulations have convincingly shown that the use of an Ass Savers mudguard protects a large part of the back of the cyclist.”

Let’s call it what it is, Ass Savers protect that ass.

Check out the full case study here.

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