MUDDER - our new MTB front fork mudguard!

”Let’s get one thing straight from the start. This mudguard is not designed to keep you neat and tidy.”
-Staffan Weigel, CEO Ass Savers

The purpose of the MUDDER is to keep your eyes muck-free as you go full speed down that dirtbag of a trail that you love so much. Chances are, that thanks to MUDDER, you’re also not having flying mud for lunch. As a mountain biker, you don’t care so much about getting dirty, it’s part of the game. Getting your vision knocked out by mud is another story and can be disastrous if it happens at the wrong moment. MUDDER makes sure that risk is minimal.

In true Ass Savers spirit, we’ve taken the minimalist approach with some added clever thinking. The result is a fork mounted front mudguard with an unobtrusive design and unsurpassed efficiency when it comes to keeping your face free from dirt. The design features innovative tire-hugging deflectors that can be adjusted so virtually no mud will pass.

MUDDER will be sold at MSRP €9.00 putting it well below the competition in the field. And as whipped cream on top of the mashed potatoes (Swedish proverb), we can of course offer the MUDDER for custom printing.

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