MUDDER - our new MTB front fork mudguard!

”Let’s get one thing straight from the start. This mudguard is not designed to keep you neat and tidy.”-Staffan Weigel, CEO Ass Savers The purpose of the MUDDER is to keep your eyes muck-free as you go full speed down that dirtbag of a trail that you love so much. Chances are, that...

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New Maglianera Socks and matching Ass Saver!

  Rain Rides - now more fashionable than ever! Thanks to our latest collaboration with Italian sock and kit manufacturer Maglianera, you can now match your Ass Saver to your socks! That’s right, we’ve found a way to feed your obsession with making everything on your bike perfectly coordinated. The...

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Introducing Ass Savers Chamois Cream! Plus, Holiday Discount!

Cover your ass with our Banana & Rose Chamois Creams The holidays are here and what better way to celebrate than to unveil our latest foray into ass saving - magical chamois cream! Plus, scroll down to get 20% OFF all orders! The development team at Ass Savers is constantly...

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Are you worthy of an Ass Saver Award?

Have you ever saved someone’s ass? Or perhaps you’ve had your ass saved. Maybe you were out on a long ride and got a mechanical only to have a stranger pull over to assist you, saving you hours of distress. Perhaps you were at kilometer 100 bonking and out of food, only to...

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Cross is Here! We introduce the JPOW Ass Saver

Custom Cycling Cyclocross Pro Cycling

All summer we’ve seen so many of you chomping at the bit, craving just one more ride off the beaten path, adventuring off road and into the trees. We know plenty of you have the undeniable urge to explore, to push the limits, and discover where your bike can take...

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