Ritte Women's Team Edition

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We've collaborated with the Ritte Women's Team to make their own Team Edition Ass Saver Original and are giving 100% (yes, every last Swedish Crown) of the proceeds to these super fast ladies. The funds will help them make the trip from Los Angeles to Ireland where they will participate in the five day, six stage Rás na mBan (we're not sure how to pronounce that either...) road race against top notch teams from all over Europe.

The design was created by Sean Talkington of Team Dream and features the Ritte lion along with the neon green and light blue stripes from the team's kit.

Help us support the women of Ritte and women's cycling – buy one... or three (you'll get free shipping!), and tell all your friends.

All photographs by Jess Carmody.

Read the press release.

About Ritte Women's Team

The Ritte Women’s Cycling Team is a boutique-sized assembly of determined women who share a passion for racing bikes. In a culture of power profiles, recovery tights and carbon bottle cage bolts, it's nice to be reminded there are still girls out there who just wanna go fast and have a blast. Because bikes are fun. Riding is fun. Racing is fun. Oh, and winning races every now and then ain't too shabby either.


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