Ass Savers X Maglianera

Stylish bundle with Maglianera performance socks and Ass Saver Extended

  • Ass Saver Extended
    -Keeps your butt dry on wet roads

    -Easy to mount, no tools required 
    -Super lightweight, only 18 grams
    -Patent pending, made in Sweden 

    Maglianera performance sport socks
    -High cuff (21cm)

    -Reinforced heel & toe
    -Elastic arch support
    -Seamless toe closure
    -Made in Italy

    Stay stylish during wet weather riding in our matching pair of high quality italian performance socks from Maglianera Cycling and an Ass Saver Extended, both rocking the splendid RAIN pattern, designed by Andrea Girlanda. Maglianera Cycling is a small manufacturer out of Milano who creates crazy sock design in limited series and we just can't get enough of them. Let this bundle serve as a reminder to never stop riding!

    Wait, there is more!

    Bonus! Waterproof soft case to protect your phone, wallet or other valuables from the elements, included in bundle!

    Very limited quantities so order quickly!


  • Ass Saver Extended
    Material: 100% recyclable polypropylene
    Weight: 15 grams
    Measures: 340 x 100 mm
    Made in Sweden

    Maglianera performance sport socks
    - Lycra®
    - Q-skin®: An innovative technology able to maintain the natural balance of the skin preventing body odor. Efficiency, breathability, antibacterial action, freshness and comfort.
    Material: 97% polyamide, 3% elastic
    Made in Italy

    Available as bundle only!

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